A Miami Bail Bondsman Story

  • A Lesson in the Miami bail bonds process about to unfold

    Two years ago my friend called me and sounded very excited. "We're coming down to Miami 3 weeks for the Winter Music Conference, so be ready to party!!". Being that Miami was the city I was born in, I was well acquianted with what exactly was going to transpire when my friends actually did arrive from NYC. In case you're not up to speed on the Winter Music Conference, it is a music even that is held in South Beach every year usually on March 23 -28th. It is where the top DJ's from around the world come to showcase their talent, and where thousands of men and women come to showcase their enormous appetite for drinking alcohol, picking up each other, and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. So as to not disappoint, my friends and I did pretty much of the same whenever we did decide to meet for the Conference. Little did I realize that this time things were going to go down a little bit differently this time around than the other times before and I was going to have a first hand experience with a Miami bail bondsman.

    The first few days of the Conference were business as usual. On the 4th day however, things went a bit awry. I had retired relatively early from the days festivities (when I say early, I mean 2:30am). I was startled awake at about 4:45am from a frantic phone call from one of my friends (let's call him Erik). Erik began ranting and raving about how our other friend "Mike" had been arrested at a small bar that had apparently been raided by police. He said that when the lights came on during the raid, everyone dropped their ecstasy pills and other miscellaneous drugs on the floor, and because the police couldn't identify what drugs belonged to which person, they arrested everybody. The funny part is, Mike didn't use drugs, so when Erik told me about this I laughed for a minute and then asked "you're kidding right? Mike doesn't do drugs". After a long silence from Erik, he said "I know he doesn't use drugs you idiot, but that doesn't matter because the police arrested everyone regardless."

    The fun part of the bail process

    So I'm scrambling to find where I left my jeans and trying to decide how we're going to find a Miami bail bondsman and get our friend bailed out of the Jail in downtown Miami. This was all surreal to me and I was not prepared on how best to proceed with his Miami bail bond. I was familiar enough with the Miami arrest process (hey I went to college too) to know that we had to find a professional Miami bail bondsman and bail him out of jail. As always, I did my trust Google search and typed in the search phrase "Miami bail bondsman". I found a Miami bail bondsman and gave him a call. Much to my surprise, he was awake and ready to help, despite the late (or early) hour. He asked me where my friend was being held and what he was being charged with. I told him that he was being held at the Miami jail in downtown and the charge was "possession of Cocaine", which is a felony. The bail bondsman explained that the bail in this instance would be set at $5,000 and in order to get my friend released, we would have to pay the bail bondsman 10% of the bail cost, or $500. This fee would be non-refundable and this is basically what the bonds man charges for his time. The bondsman also told us that we would have to put down collateral to ensure that our friend Mike would show up for this court date. The collateral could be in the form of a Title to a an asset such as a property or vehicle. The collateral would be forfeited for the Miami bail bonds in the event that our friend Mike decided to "skip town" and not show up for this court date. So we capitulated and paid the $500 to the Miami bail bondsman, ponied up our collateral, and alas, our friend Mike was free on bail.