Miami Bail Bonds Course

    • 120-Hour Qualification Bail Bonds Courses for Florida Bail Agents
      Next South Florida 120-Hour pre-licensing course

      Location: Ace Bonding Company
      1575 N.W. 14 Street
      Miami, Florida 33125

      Call (305) 381-7014 or (305) 381-7070 for more information

      National Surety Services is now proudly affiliated with Florida Bail Bond School, Inc., one of Florida's largest provider of the 120-Hour Qualification Course for Bail Bond Agents. The Florida Bail Bond School is nationally recognized and previous graduates have enrolled from throughout the country. This interesting and unique bail bonds class is held 4 times each year. Please note: Bounty hunting is illegal in Florida! Any person interested in doing fugitive pick-ups or apprehensions of bail skips must be licensed by the state of Florida as a limited surety (bail bond) agent.

      In addition to the 120 Hour Qualification Course, candidates are required to successfully complete a separate 20-Hour Correspondence Course offered by the University of Florida and serve a 12-month internship as a "Temporary Limited Surety Agent" before being eligible to take the State Qualification Exam for licensure as a Florida Surety Agent. The Florida Bail Bond School, Inc. program is fully approved by the Florida Department of Insurance and no school has a higher success rate for its graduates.

      All instructors are licensed Bail Bond Agents. Faculty members include a former FBI agent, practicing bail bond agents, private investigators, insurance company bail bond experts and informative guest speakers.

      Tuition includes an exclusive "Bail Bond Agent's Study Manual", practice tests, attendance up to 12 months and an "Exam-Prep" for students who have completed their 12 month internship, all at no additional charge! All classes are offered in conjunction with National Surety Services D.O.I. Entity # 30977.

      The 120-hour course takes two weeks to complete. (Monday-Saturday; 8a.m. - 7p.m.)

      Note: Florida Bail Bond School, Inc., is not affiliated with Gold Coast School of Insurance, Inc.

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      For information Call 305.381.7014

      Aside from the bail bonds class, Florida requires that you meet other criteria to become a licensed bail bondsman.
      Please click here to see the requirements to become a licensed bail agent.