How to Become a Miami Bail Bondsman

    • Once you have determined that you meet the qualifications for licensure, then you must take the following steps for licensure:
      Step 1. Successfully complete a state-approved 120-hour basic certification course. Florida Bail Bond School is the largest provider of the 120-Hour course in the state and our instructors are Managing General Agents, licensed bail agents, real estate examiners CPA's, self-defense instructors and other qualified lecturers.

      120-Hour Qualification Bail Bonds Courses for Florida Bail Agents
      Florida Bail Bond School
      For course information please visit Florida Bail Bond School
      To register call Mercy at 305-381-7070
      How to become a licensed bail agent (Limited Surety Agent) in Florida...

      There are five basic steps to becoming a licensed surety agent in Florida; (1) take an approved 120-hour course, (2) take an approved correspondence course, (3) submit an application for temporary agent license and undergo a background check, (4) complete a one-year internship under a licensed bail agent and, (5) pass a final exam given by the state Department of Financial Services.
      Before you begin the process to become a licensed bail agent, you must first determine if you are qualified. To review the Qualifications and Licensing information for this license, go to Florida Resident Professional Bail Bond Agent Qualifications, or call the Florida Department of Financial Services at 850/413-3137 ext. 1101.

      Step 2. Successfully complete the state-approved correspondence course for bail bond agents. Cost: $300.00. Call the University of Florida at 352/392-1711 or 800/327-4218 and ask for information on INS 3 - Bail & Bail Bond Insurance in Florida.  Information and a sample manual are also on the Bail Bond Agent Pre-licensing Course site.

      Step 3. Request an application for a Limited Surety Agent Temporary license by accessing the DFS website.
      Read and following the instructions and qualification information carefully. Submit your completed application, any required supplemental documents (such as fingerprint card, criminal history information, certificates of completion) and required fees to DFS (not FSAA).
      When you complete your Internet application process, a summary sheet will be provided that lists documents and information that you must submit to the Department to complete your application process. You will not be authorized for a license or authorized to take an examination until all documents have been received and your eligibility is established.
      Fingerprint cards cannot be made available via the Internet. When the Department receives your application including your payment, a fingerprint card will be mailed to the mailing address that you provided. Your application will not be complete until you have your fingerprints taken by a Florida Law Enforcement Officer and the fingerprint card is submitted to the Department.
      When your application is complete and it has been determined that you qualify for the license, the license will be mailed to the mailing address that you provided. If an examination or photo is required for issuance of the license, you will be directed to set up an appointment with Experior, the Department’s examination/licensing contractor. If you pass the examination, the license will be issued on the day you take the examination. If you do not pass the examination, you may apply for a re-examination via the Internet application.
      When you are properly licensed and the appointing entity has officially appointed you, you may begin transacting insurance business. The appointing entity has 45 days in which to notify the Department of your appointment on forms prescribed by the Department. You cannot transact any class of insurance business for which you are not licensed and appointed. The appointment form is available on the Department’s web site.
      You may contact the Bureau of Agent and Agency Licensing at (850) 413-3137, Ext. 1101.

      Step 4. Once you receive your Temporary license, and only after you have received your license, you are able to begin working as a temporary agent for the required one-year term.

      Step 5. After you complete your temporary license term, you must take and pass a final examination.  Call Promissor at 888-274-2020 to schedule the examination or go to Insurance Handbooks/Applications/Forms.  You will find 4 publications to download; a Licensing Information Bulletin, a Test Center List, Frequently Asked Questions, and Content Outlines.  The Licensing Information Bulletin contains an application form you can send in to the Department of Financial Services, as well as instructions for filling out an application online.  You must have an Examination Authorization Notice from the Department of Financial Services before contacting Promissor for an examination date.
      Bail Bond Exam Content Outline

      More information on the qualifying process.